Uncategorised Data Fields


Fields in Family Historian that are sometimes referred to by users as ‘Starburst fields’ are called: Uncategorised Data Fields (or UDF for short).

These are fields created by Family Historian to hold data where Family Historian doesn’t actually know what kind of data is contained in the UDF. These are usually created when Family Historian loads a GEDCOM file created by another application that contains serious errors. See the Tools > Preferences > File Load/Save > File Loading Options that affect how UDF are handled.

Family Historian generates UDF to store the invalid data.

The Import Exception reports give more detailed information about UDF where appropriate. Use Window » Log Files… to View previous reports.

There is a dialogue for locating UDF. Click on Tools > Uncategorised Data > Find Uncategorised Data… to create a Named List of records that contain UDF. Since FH V6 the Tools > Uncategorised Data > Recover Uncategorised Data… option will apply the File Loading Options mentioned above.

Since FH V5 there is also the UDF List Plugin that gives more details.

See Handling Uncategorised Data Fields (UDF) for strategies to remedy UDF.