Source Types

Available In Version

2.3 and above


The Type field on sources, allows you to specify, for each source record, what kind of source it is. The choice of values for this field is up to the user (e.g. you might prefer to use general terms like 'certificate', or more detailed terms like 'birth certificate'). The field supports auto-completion, and there is a new Work with Data dialogue for Source types which is accessible either by double-clicking on any source type field (or pressing the button with 3 dots next to it); or by clicking on Tools > Work With Data > Source Types. The dialog allows you to edit, view and merge source types as you can with other auto-completion fields. You can also view records that use a given source type and jump to them.

What are they used For?

Source types come into their own, when you use the "splitter" Source Method 1, which means you may have hundreds of Birth Certificate Sources for example. Using the source type with Queries would allow you to check for a source of type birth certificate even though the actual source name could be "Certificate Birth Fred Blogs".

They can also be added as a column on the Records Window Sources tab to allow sorting by the type as well.