Preferences Dialogue

The Preferences Dialogue (or Dialog) can be found in the Family Historian Tools menu under Preferences… There are a number of tabs on the dialogue window that appears which each have various options that can be set which affect the way that Family Historian operates.

FIXME The following need updating for FH V6.

General Tab

Startup Tab

Diagrams Tab

File Load/Save Tab

Estimates Tab

Property Dialog Tab

These preferences are NOT available in FH V4 & V5, see their Property Box tab instead.

This allows you to set preferences for how the Property Box Dialogue will look.

Default Size when Opening Property Dialog...

This allows you to set the size and amount of information shown by default on the property dialog, depending on whether it is viewed within a diagram, when drag-adding in a diagram or in all other contexts. The dialogue can be set to appear as small (just showing the basic information, no children or spouse shown for an individual, no facility to add events, etc.), large (showing all information except the source pane) or full (showing all information including the source pane).

Display Spouse Note in Main Tab

When displaying records for Individuals, the Main tab of the Property Dialog also displays information about the Individual’s spouses, if any (and children, if any). If you wish the first record note for each spouse to be displayed in the Main tab, check this option. The note will appear instead of the spouse’s place of death. By default, this option is unchecked. (From Family Historian on-line Help, Copyright © 2002-2006 Calico Pie Limited)

Property Dialog Captions

This brings up another dialogue to allow you to specify the title bar of the property dialogue, depending on whether it is showing an individual, a family, a note, a source, etc. This is for advanced users only. See the on-line help for details.

Named Lists Tab

Backup Tab

International Tab