Workspace 8: Map Window


A Map Window displays interactive Place name mapping tools.

Each open Map Window has a red pin icon in the left-hand vertical Navigation Bar.

For further details see the fh Help > Family Historian Help > Workspace 8: The Map Window.

Automatic Geocoding

Before using the automatic geocoding of Place names, it is advisable to use Tools > Preferences > Map Window and tick Block Refresh of Non-tentative Geocodes to avoid refreshing and upsetting manually adjusted records.

The fh automatic geocoding is limited to a quota of about 250 requests per day, although it may be somewhat higher on the first day.

The Map Life Facts Plugin offers supplementary geocoding features and uses the Google Maps Geocoder that allows 15,000 requests per day within the free credit limit. However, nowadays it is annoyingly awkward to set up with a Google Account and Credit Card even though it will never be charged.