Importing a GEDCOM into Family Historian may be as simple as opening the GEDCOM file in Family Historian.

The Importing to Family Historian sections give advice for importing from various genealogy products.


  1. The first time you open the file, FH will offer to check the file for errors and produce a report of fields it does not understand Uncategorised Data Fields. Always let it run the process and on completion save the file to a new name using the File/Save As option.
  2. Work carefully through the Uncategorised Data Fields report to check for any rejected and "error" tags, these are normally caused by the program by the GEDCOM file came from. However you may be able to identify the errors and correct them either directly in family historian or by using a text editor to do a search and replace for the GEDCOM tags.
  3. Remember when working on the file which is not your own check carefully all the information and if you should require to import it into your main GEDCOM file, it is an excellent idea to tidy the file that you have received prior to starting the merge compare utility.