Query Functions


The Family Historian Help indicates that this topic is really for the advanced and/or technically minded user, but some Functions are very useful for simple queries.

At present they must be typed into the Expression field and may need additional information in brackets, but some users, once they have got it working, will just copy and paste the Expression text from query to query

Here is a screen shot showing Life Dates with two possible variants:

The Life Dates Function shows just the birth and death dates, or if these are not available, it uses baptism and/or burial dates.

The procedure is simple.

  • Go to the Columns tab
  • Add whatever you want into the Heading field
  • Add =LifeDates(%INDI%) or even =LifeDates() into the Expression field (notice that on later versions of FH that ,STD is needed)
  • Run the Query

You can go back to the Query and fine tune it afterwards.

For further details see Understanding Functions.