This article is only relevant to V3 (or later) of Family Historian.

What is a Flag?

Simon Orde of Calico Pie Limited envisaged these as 'B&B-Style' symbols - the analogy being to 'catalogues which tell you whether the room has a TV, or en-suite shower, etc'. Some have used these to show that there is a Census entry, and Ancestral Sources recognises this. Others use them to show that a person is Living and should be treated as such - the usage is endless.

How do I add a Flag?

There is an excellent 'how to' on Using Flags and Icons and Expressions.

What is an Icon?

This is a small .bmp file that will sit against a box on a diagram. The Downloads and Links ~ Diagram Icons is a collection of Icons to identify facts and other data items. Some use National Flags to show birth places or immigration, which on diagrams are helpful as visual aids during a census trace exercise.

Why does the Icon overlap the Shadow in my Text Scheme?

The Icon position is set to sit immediately below a box on top down diagrams. If you have opted to have a shadow under that box, the Icon needs to have some space at the top to make it appear to be lower. This is done by making the top bit a background colour which basically just doesn't show on the diagram!

How does Ancestral Sources deal with Flags?

Ancestral Sources supports the use of Flags, and can be set to automatically add appropriate Flags to Individuals, whenever new Census records are added. If you don't know about this utility read about it here. Otherwise, take a look at the tutorial on Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Tools ~ (4) Census Flags and Dates.

How can I create an Icon?

There is the Downloads and Links ~ Diagram Icons collection. Failing that, it is worthwhile to try to edit one of the .bmp files supplied in Family Historian using an Image Editor such as PAINT (on most Windows PCs), or Adobe Photoshop, etc. Having a bored 16 year old helps!

These Icon files are located in the Family Historian Program Data Folder in the Icons sub-folder. It is advisable to add any new Icons either to that sub-folder, or to your Family Historian Projects folder.