Events and Attributes


Events and Attributes are what allow you to store and organise information within Family Historian. The main difference between an Event and an Attribute is that an Attribute can have a Value.

So, for example, an Occupation would have a value e.g. "Ag Lab", but for a Birth, an Event, there is no Value.

Version 3 of Family Historian introduced Facts as an umbrella term for Events and Attributes, so any discussion regarding Facts or Fact Sets is describing Events and Attributes.


e.g. Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Divorce, Census, Death, Burial


e.g. Education, Occupation, Possessions, Residence (unusual in that it has no Value)


Sub fields include

  • Value - attributes only
  • Type
  • Date
  • Place
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Age
  • Web Site
  • Email
  • Responsible Agency
  • Cause
  • Note

Custom Events and Attributes

In addition to the predefined Events and Attributes, additional Custom Events and Attributes can be defined and as of Version 3 allocated to Fact Sets. See the link for more details.