Core Standard Diagrams

The Core Standard Diagrams are listed in the top section of the View > Standard Diagram Types menu, and the first four of them have icon buttons in the toolbar. They are the Ancestor Diagram, the Descendant Diagram, the Ancestor and Descendant Diagram, the All Relatives Diagram, the Everyone Diagram, and the V5 Blank Diagram.

Instead of keeping their settings in the Family Historian Program Data Folder along with the other Standard Diagrams, these Core Standard Diagrams use the Windows Registry. It is these Windows Registry settings that are affected by the Diagram > Settings options, and the Diagram > Options > Save as default tick box when viewing any diagram.

All these diagrams share the same Windows Registry settings, except that their number of Generations Up/Down is saved separately.

Special techniques are needed to backup, restore, and transfer these settings from PC to PC as explained by how to Move Family Historian Settings and Projects.