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Using Flags and Icons and Expressions: 19 Hits
====== Using Flags and Icons and Expressions ====== {{entry>Customisation/Diagram/Icons;See Index for re... {{entry>Icons/Diagram Feature;-*}} {{entry>Icons/Flags;-*}} {{entry>Flags/Icons;-*}} ===== Introduction ===== Individual [[Glossary:Flags]] and Diagram **Icons** have long been available
Family Historian Version 3.0: 16 Hits
on, icons could be determined by specified record flags, and the shadow position could be determined by t... play of text items can be conditional upon record flags, and on other conditions. * Text items can b... d have installed. ===== 11. Unlimited Record Flags ===== * Record flags are flags that you can add to any Individual record to mark something about th
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Tools ~ (3) Flag Assignments: 8 Hits
g Assignments ====== ===== Introduction ===== **Flags** are a feature of **Family Historian** that allo... y __non-Census__ **Source Type**. [[How to:Using Flags and Icons and Expressions]] explains the simplici... e Type** is now somewhat redundant. For **Census Flags** see the [[Census Flag & Date Tools|Census Flag ... g the **File** > **Exit** option. If **Baptism** Flags need to be added or cleared for __all existing__
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| | 1 _FLGS | Individual Record | [[#Record Flags: _FLGS, __????|Record Flags]] | | 2 %%__????%% | Record Flags | [[#Record Flags: _FLGS, __????|Flag Name (note double underscore)]] | | 2 _EMAIL | Individual/Fa
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====== Flags ====== This article is only relevant to V3 (or later) of **[[Glossary:Family Historian]]**.... here is an excellent 'how to' on **[[How to:Using Flags and Icons and Expressions]]**. ===== What is an ... ify facts and other data items. Some use National Flags to show birth places or immigration, which on dia... gram! ===== How does Ancestral Sources deal with Flags? ===== **[[AncestralSources:About|Ancestral Sour
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gs// to a page. | |%%{{%%topic>//tag// %%#%%//flags//}}|Tag |List all pages containing a c...|Pagelist Plugin]] //flags//. | |%%{{%%topic>//tag1// //tag2//}} |Tag ... | |%%{{%%page>//page//&//flags//}} |Include |Include text of another ... t of whole //namespace// optionally governed by //flags//. | |%%{{%%tagtopic>//tags//&//flags//}} |Inclu
Export Gedcom File ~ (FTM) Family Tree Maker: 6 Hits
ress:** or **Phone Number:** label. === ★ Record Flags, Pedigree, Marriage Status (_FLGS, PEDI, _PEDI, _... See [[Extra Options|Extra Options]] tab **Record Flags 1 _FLGS:** & **Marriage Status 1 _STAT:** Any **Record Flags**, **Pedigree** data, or Marriage **Status** are ... ** with a **Phone Number:** label. === ★ Record Flags, Pedigree, Marriage Status (_FLGS, PEDI, _PEDI, _
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Tools ~ (4) Census Flags and Dates: 5 Hits
ources Tutorial ~ Working With Tools ~ (4) Census Flags and Dates ====== ===== Introduction ===== **Flags** are a feature of **Family Historian** that allow *... ck]] before any other tools :!: For **non-Census Flags** see the [[Flag Assignment Settings|Flag Assignm... * each **Census Fact** belongs, so that Dates and Flags are assigned correctly. Use the menubar option *
Understanding the Scope of Features: 5 Hits
jects or just the current project? When you add **Flags** or **Facts** or change the **Options** in **Pre... gins** scripts and data (V5+) * **Edit > Record Flags** and **Tools > Work with Named Lists and Flags** but only if the Flag Status **Always include this record flag in flags lists** is ticked * **Internet > Search the Int
Show Project Statistics ~ Records Tab Statistics: 4 Hits
.Children** & **Max.Children** per Family. The **Flags** table lists a **Count** of Individuals linked to each Flag, with up to 15 **Flags** sorted by popularity. If more than 14 Flags, then the top 7 and bottom 7 are listed, with the rest grouped against ** other Flags**. Any value with one or more associated excepti
Recording Credibility of Family Relationships: 4 Hits
Column** or in **Queries** as advised in [[Using Flags and Icons and Expressions]]. ===== Spouses & Par... st **Associated Person**. ==== Individual Record Flags ==== **Individual** record **Flags** can be used to signal various degrees of relationship credibility. Be aware that **Flags** use the non-standard [[Glossary:GEDCOM]] **_FLG
Diagram Icons ~ Icons With Flags: 4 Hits
====== Diagram Icons ~ Icons With Flags ====== ===== Description ===== 170 icons involving flags of the world with various legends for use on diag... t (44 icons) {{iconswithflags.png?500|Icons With Flags Sample}} ===== Installation Instructions =====... filename=fileupload/|Icons With Flags]] ===== Related Pages ===== {{backlinks>.}} {{
Diagram Icons ~ Robin's Icons for Census Flags: 4 Hits
====== Diagram Icons ~ Robin's Icons for Census Flags ====== ===== Description ===== This zip file contains bitmaps suitable for use as flags showing censuses ('41, '51, '61', '71, '81, '91, ... {{2010-09-27_140032.png|Robin's Icons for Census Flags}} Produced by pricero1 (02/05/06) ===== Insta... d/'s%20Icons%20for%20Census%20Flags|Robin's Icons for Census Flags]] ===== Related P
Family Historian Version 4.1.3: 4 Hits
ns. * Conditional expressions involving record flags were not always saved correctly in custom diagram... f data in the record. Now fixed. * The list of flags displayed unsorted in dropdown menus, in some con... queries, there are menu commands to set or clear flags on result set records. The dropdown list of flags was not previously sorted in alphabetic order. It now
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