Downloads and Links ~ Website Generators


Since Version 3, Family Historian has been able to generate website pages itself as explained in Make a Family Tree CD/DVD or Website.

However, there are a range of other programs available to produce web output, both as static (as FH does) and dynamic websites, but they require the use of the Export Gedcom File Plugin.

A static program is GedSite.

Dynamic programs, such as DftCom, PhpGedView, and TNG can be more work to set up, but once installed and configured are easy to update and manage.

Those all need website hosting tools that usually must be bought, but there are also free options such as Ancestry, Find My Past, RootsWeb WorldConnect, TribalPages, ZoomPast, and also MyHeritage with its Family Tree Builder.

See our Member Web Sites for examples of Family Historian user websites.