Utility ~ SVG Family-Tree Generator


This utility generates interactive family trees that may be viewed in a browser. The trees are built using a combination of HTML, SVG, CSS, and JavaScript technologies, and may include clickable actions on the person-boxes and family-circles. The utility can read GEDCOM files to create family trees in HTML or SVG format so they can be added to websites or blogs.

For more details visit the Facebook page SVG Family-Tree Generator, the Parallax View Blog SVG Family-Tree Generator (v5.0) , or the Google+ page of the author Tony Proctor.

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Installation Instructions

Click on the link below and follow the download and installation instructions.


SVG Family-Tree Generator on Dropbox.

In the Dropbox page choose the Download > Direct download option top right to download an SVG.zip file (no Dropbox account is needed).

Right-click that SVG.zip file and choose Extract all to put all the files into a local directory, say on your desktop or in your documents area, and read the SVG Installation.pdf document.