Query:Fact ~ Unsourced Facts


This query will show all Facts that do not have a Source citation. The usefulness of this will depend on how meticulous you are about having everything supported by a Source citation.

Unsourced Facts Results Set

(Inspired by PeterR's Query:Fact ~ Facts Linked to a Source)

Produced by gihe (16/05/10)

User Comments

FIXME: Query General tab Description needs correcting to reflect that NO sources exist.

Delete all Columns for Source1 to Source6 and all Row Filters for =Exists(%FACT.SOUR[2]>%) to =Exists(%FACT.SOUR[6]>%) because they cannot exist.

tatewise (04/11/10)

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save FHQ file, then double click it to import to Family Historian Version 4 or later.

It will Import into earlier versions, but does not work, and can only be deleted using View > Custom Queries > Delete Custom Query.