Property Box Tab ~ Census UK


This adds a custom Census UK tab for UK Census and Electoral Roll facts to the Individual Property Box of fh V4 or later.

It is a variant of the Census tab from the Property Box Tab ~ Military & Census & Wills customisation by annettelindahutton.

Property Box Census UK Tab

Instead of an ordinal list of Census facts, it lists each UK Census from 1841 to 1911 explicitly, plus the 1939 Register.

It includes the Birth and Death dates, so it is easy to identify which Census records need to be researched.

The Electoral Roll data from the original tab is retained, which needs the Fact Set ~ Electoral Roll for Property Box Tab to be installed. Alternatively, these custom items could easily be removed.

User Comments

BEWARE: Prior to V5.0.2, if you tried to add Census or Occupation data via the fields on this tab, then LOTS of unwanted Facts were created, but easily removed by using Edit > Undo. The problem was resolved in V5.0.2 by making these fields display-only.

So only add Census or Occupation data via the Facts tab, or via Ancestral Sources.

V5+ Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save the FHPBT file, then double click it to install to Family Historian.

If that fails, then within Family Historian use File > Import/Export > Import > Property Box Tab.

To uninstall a tab use the Property Box Menu cog in V6 and choose Customize Data Entry, or the Menu with a red tick in V5 and choose Customize. Then double check that Tab: names the desired tab and click More Tab Tasks > Delete Tab.

V5+ Download

V4 Installation Instructions

You are advised to use a Property Box folder, which for fh V4 could be created within the Project Public folder.

Click on the link below to download and save the file, then right-click this Compressed (zippped) Folder file, and choose Extract All to unpack its PB-INDI-CENSUS-UK.fhdata file to your Property Box folder mentioned above.

Download the Utility ~ Property Box Tab Organiser to this same Property Box folder and use it to import the tab definition to fh V4 as follows:

  • Ensure the Property Box Type is set to Individual
  • Use the Load FH Tabs and Add All >> buttons to place your current tab definitions in the Put Custom Tabs List
  • Use the Import Tabs button to import the downloaded PB-INDI-CENSUS-UK.fhdata tab definition file to the Get Custom Tabs List
  • Use the Add One > button to add the Census UK tab definition to the Put Custom Tabs List
  • Use the Save FH Tabs button to transfer the Put Custom Tabs List definitions into Family Historian
  • This last step also creates a dated & timed backup of your original tab definitions in the Property Box folder

If the earlier Census tab is no longer needed, then it may be removed by selecting it and using the Zap One < button prior to the Save FH Tabs button above, or by deleting it from within Family Historian later.

V4 Download