Utility ~ Parish Locator


This software is useful to determine the location of a Parish in Great Britain and to provide details and distances to other Parishes. It was originally developed by Gerald Lawson, and has more recently been updated by Dave Bennett. Further details are available from their websites:

Parish Locator Screenshot

Parish Locator Downloads ~ Dave & Chris Bennett website with installation details for Sep 2009 updated 32-bit version.

Parish Locator for Windows ~ Gerald Lawson website sometimes is not available and download is Jan 2001 16-bit version.

Produced by tatewise (30/10/10)

User Comments

I have found this software useful especially in unfamiliar locations to allow me to search neighbouring Parishes to my main search. The software is looking a little dated however, I believe it was written in 2001, so may appear clunky and basic. (Chris Michael 28/10/2006)

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save the ParLoc99-99Setup.exe installation file, and then double click to install, which needs Windows Administrator privileges.

Follow the link to the Database Corrections and amend the data within the program.


Parish Locator Downloads ~ Latest version from Internet website.

Parish Locator Version 1.3#14 ~ Zip version from FHUG Downloads.