Fact Set ~ Military History for Property Box Tab


Fact Set: Military2

Add one of these Fact Sets together with the Property Box Tab ~ Military & Census & Wills customisation to ensure you have all the Facts you need to make it work.

The earlier very similar Fact Set ~ Military History defines a subset of these Facts.

Version 1 produced by annettelindahutton (16/10/10)

The Version 2 Fact Set improves the grammar in some Sentence Templates, shows all the Hidden Facts, and adds three new Facts suggested by Adrian Bruce.

One is an Event for being Mentioned in Despaches, the other two are Attributes that differentiate a Gallantry Medal awarded for bravery, from a Campaign Medal issued for being present in a theatre of war.

Version 2 produced by tatewise (27/09/11)

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save the FHF file, then double click it to install to Family Historian.

To remove an obsolete Fact Set see how to Delete a Fact Set.