Utility ~ Link Shell Extension


The Link Shell Extension allows you to create "hard links" (which come in several flavours including symbolic links) between folders, similar (but different to) the shortcuts to programs you add on your desktop. It will only work with Windows Vista or Windows 7 or above, where your hard drive is formatted in NTFS format.

Its main use with Family Historian is to relocate folders within the Family Historian Program Data Folder into a user area, such as your Documents folder, or Dropbox folder, or OneDrive folder.

:!: This is for advanced PC users only. :!:

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Installation Instructions

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Configuration Guide

In essence what the software allows you to do is to move the actual files to a location of your choice, such as a folder with in My Documents or Dropbox or OneDrive and then create a link in the Application data folder which from the point of view of Family Historian looks like a folder where it expects it to be.

  1. Create a new folder in your chosen location for your FH Custom Settings.
  2. Create a subfolder for the items you want to keep, e.g. Fact Types.
  3. Open another Windows Explorer Window.
  4. Navigate to the C:\ProgramData\Calico Pie\Family Historian folder.
  5. In this folder, open the Fact Types folder and Cut the Custom folder from this folder.
  6. Paste this Custom folder into your new Fact Types folder in your chosen location.
  7. Right-click this new Custom folder you just pasted and select Pick Link Source.
  8. Right-click the original Fact Types folder, and select Drop As… » Symbolic Link.

This will mean that your Fact Types are now in your new location and if they are in Dropbox or OneDrive will be backed up and kept in synch. If you are using two computers with Dropbox or similar, you will need to replace the Custom folders on the other PC using steps 7 and 8, after deleting the one in the ProgramData folder.

You may repeat these steps for each other Custom folder within the Diagrams, Queries, Reports, and Text Schemes folders.

Similarly repeat the steps for Standard folders if you customise standard Diagrams, Reports, or Text Schemes.

If you customise Flags, Icons, or Property Box tabs, then you may wish to repeat these steps for those folders too.

N.B. Upgrading Family Historian may break the links and you may need to rebuild them using steps 7 and 8 again after deleting the ones which the install creates.