Fact Set ~ Kinsfolk Facts & Sources


Fact Set: Kinsfolk This download offers a Facts Set and illustrative GEDCOM file of Facts and Sources. The facts are all Attributes that allow Values, although some are strictly Events. They include Co-residence a family version of the standard Residence attribute, sent and received missives Communication and Correspondence facts, an Earnings fact, Marriage Witness, Will Witness, Will Executor, Will Legacy, Death Informed, and Inheritance facts.

The GEDCOM file not only illustrates usage of these Facts but also offers some naming conventions for Source Types and Source Records. Similar names could be used for Multimedia Records. These naming conventions sort the records into a similar order to the Individual Records within Family Historian.

Produced by tatewise (11/06/10)

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save the ZIP file.

The download is a ZIP file of a Family Historian project folder. Simply extract all its contents to your Family Historian Projects folder. If using an earlier Family Historian then extract the ZIP file to any convenient folder. Locate the …\Kinsfolk\Kinsfolk.fh_data\Kinsfolk.ged file and double click it to open Family Historian. Then use File > Import > Facts Set from …\Kinsfolk\Public\Kinsfolk.fhf.