Ancestral Sources Template ~ Electoral Register UK


These templates allow UK Electoral Register records to be captured using the Census data entry mode of Ancestral Sources. However, several Tools Options Settings must be adjusted to achieve satisfactory data entry as explained below.

There are four distinct templates applicable to the periods 1832-1917, 1918-1927, 1928-1944, and post 1945. So after choosing a template the Census Date will probably need adjusting to the actual date of the record. The Electoral Register Codes give further details of record formats and dates. The British Library Parliamentary Constituencies PDF has useful details including qualifying dates under Dates of registers on page 22. See the Forum thread Electoral rolls April/May 2018.

Ancestral Sources Electoral Register Grid

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save XML file to the \Ancestral Sources\Settings\ folder.

Use the Ancestral Sources Census > Census Templates > Import option to import the template.

With the 1918-1927 and 1928-1944 templates, the Parliamentary and Local Government codes are appended to the Residence fact local Note. If that is not required, then adjust their Census > Census Templates > UK Electoral Register column settings to Don't record (except in source text). Additionally, a Tools > Auto-Text Template could be created for each Electoral Register era that includes an explanatory key to those codes below the {CENSUSGRID}.


Tools Options Settings

Several settings must be adjusted to differentiate Electoral Register records from the default Census records and to use the Residence Fact instead of the Census Fact. Also, backups must be saved for both the Census & General settings and the Electoral Register settings, in order to switch from one to the other efficiently.

Backup Census Options

Before adjusting any settings it is essential to backup the existing settings so they can be restored later. Use Tools > Backup A.S. Options and ensure the File name identifies them as the general default for all data entry modes including Census.

General Settings

Use Tools > Options and Choose section: General settings, then adjust Source title includes and Source type is like those shown below.

Tools > Options > General settings

Census Settings

Use Tools > Options and Choose section: Census settings, then adjust the Source Type, select Residence Fact, and in Census Image Title Template replace {SOURCETYPE} with Electoral Register as shown below.

If the type of Electoral Register record is inappropriate for a Residence Fact, because for instance it relates to business or occupational qualification, then there are two solutions. Either use the Change Any Fact Tag Plugin after completing the data entry, or enter the record entirely by hand in Family Historian.

Tools > Options > Census settings

Census Settings - Method 1/2

Use Tools > Options and Choose section: Census settings - method 1 or method 2, then adjust the Title Templates like those shown below, i.e. replace {SOURCETYPE} with Electoral Register.

Tools > Options > Census settings - method 1

Backup Electoral Register Options

Use Tools > Backup A.S. Options and ensure the File name identifies them as Electoral Register settings.

Then Tools > Restore A.S. Options can select them before capturing Electoral Register records.

Afterwards, Tools > Restore A.S. Options can select the Backup Census Options saved above to restore default Census and other settings.

Data Capture Process

To capture Electoral Register documents use the following steps:

  1. Use Tools > Restore A.S. Options and select the saved Electoral Register settings.
  2. In the main window select Census data entry mode and Census Country: UK Electoral Register with required Census Year and Census Date.
  3. Enter the Grid data, Media image, and Auto-Text similar to capturing Census data, and Save it.
  4. When finished with Electoral Register captures, use Tools > Restore A.S. Options and select the saved General Default settings.