Utility ~ ACC2GED (CSV to GEDCOM) Summary Findings


The program is not designed for beginners or anyone unfamiliar with working with the DOS Command Prompt. Documentation is rather sparse, and somewhat techie. The Download & Running section contains detailed instructions that will hopefully make it easier to run the program. This is necessary to access the two worked examples.

In its present form acc2ged is restricted to a specific input format for the CSV data. If you generate CSV data in this format then acc2ged is a practical solution for converting the data into GEDCOM format. It is possible to modify the format but in the absence of detailed instructions this is very much a matter of trial and error and involves manipulating both the input CSV data and the output GEDCOM with a spreadsheet and text editor. The Using Other CSV Data section gives a series of brief notes that may help anyone attempting this; but it is not a comprehensive or detailed set of instructions, and assumes a greater level of expertise.