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Ancestral Sources Version History: 20 Hits
place recorded and that this caused an exception error report in Family Historian. This error should now be fixed and I've tidied up the various option that ar... n options manually into the text box an unhandled error was given if the folder could not be created. Ger... existing source with ID of 4 it caused a strange error message to be displayed. * Added a new registr
Family Historian Installation Problems: 20 Hits
y Historian Installation Problems ====== {{entry>Error Messages/Family Historian/Installation Problems;S... a** search box and choose the desktop app. ===== Error 105: Setup is Unable to Find D:\FH\SETUP.LID ====... stalling {{fh}} **V2**, you may get the message **Error 105: Setup is unable to find installation languag... on 2.1 or earlier, and it isn’t working]]. ===== Error 123: Name or Label Syntax is Incorrect ===== If
Utility ~ Property Box Tab Organiser: 9 Hits
y Box" "/P=F:\Genealogy\FamilyHistorian"** ===== Error Codes ===== Each program **Error** number and **Message** is listed below with **Advice** about the problem. ^ Error ^ Message ^ Advice ^ | 10 | Command line p... der is not corrupt. | | 40 | Backup File Copy Error and 'Put Custom Tabs List' not Saved to FH. | 'S
IUP GUI Builder Hints And Tips: 9 Hits
field we will turn the background of the field in error to red and put out a red message on the dialogue.... e start of the code add <code lua> local color = {error = '255 200 200',red = '255 0 0'} </code> The ''co... .value =='' then inp_title.bgcolor = color.error lab_message.title = 'Please Enter Title' ... value for the title the field will go red and an error come up. However if you then enter the title it w
Family Historian Version 2.3.5: 6 Hits
w for more on this). ===== 5. GEDCOM Validation, Error Detection and Error Correction ===== Family Historian now supports 2 kinds if error-detection and error-correction with GEDCOM files: A. Load-time checking If you open a GEDCOM file that w
Map Life Facts ~ Frequently Asked Questions: 5 Hits
tabase?]] * [[#How should Status: Geocoder API error messages be handled?]] * [[#What causes "The I... to top]]. ===== How should Status: Geocoder API error messages be handled? ===== These messages appear... e quota limits are exceeded then this **Status:** error will be reported. Wait for 100 seconds, or one d... ==== \\ **Status: <color red>Geocoder API Unknown Error</color>** ==== ==== This **Status:** indicates a
Directory Tree (code snippet): 5 Hits
cters which are illegal for windows will throw an error getting the attributes and the attr.mode will be ... if attr == nil then attr = {mode='attrfail',error=err} end coroutine.yield(entry,at... ilename,attr in dirtree(pluginDir) do if attr.error then print('filename:'..filename..' caused error '..attr.error) else if attr.mode == '
Load String From File (code snippet): 3 Hits
en(strFileName,strMode) if not fileHandle then error("\n Unable to open file in \""..strMode.."\" mode... -- Returns String from file, or a nil and an error value local fileHandle, err = 'd:\\temp\\html test.lua') if err then print('Error:'..err) else print(str) end </code> ===== Re
Search and Replace ~ Usage Examples: 3 Hits
and Replace ~ Usage Examples ====== * [[#Date Error Correction]] * [[#Missing Occupation Values]] ... in FH V6]] * [[#LUA Pattern Mode]] ===== Date Error Correction ===== In the **Search** box enter the... s the **Date** fields as described in the [[#Date Error Correction]] example above. You may need to expe
Family Historian Version 4.1.3: 3 Hits
n’t be loaded, both the content and layout of the error message (where used) has been improved. * Prev... n with the white triangle (Go to Record). A fatal error would occur. This has now been fixed. * If you... Links dialog (e.g. Undo menu command text, and/or error messages). * The supplied tutorial file “Tutor
Map Life Facts ~ Version History: 3 Hits
problem with **Google Maps API** scripts raising error messages * Improve initialisation of maps by de... Fixes a **<color #FAA000>No Plot</color>** status error when **Location** details are in V6 **Place Recor... * Handles new **Geocoder** response of **Unknown Error** that indicates a server problem * Forces [[0_
Utility ~ The Next Generation (TNG): 3 Hits
validGedcom($gedcom)) { setLiving($gedcom,$ids); $error = "Flags reset"; } else { $error = "No people found for gedcom named: '$gedcom'"; } } ?> <html> <head... ving Field</button> </form> <?php echo $error;?> </body> </html> </code> ===== Related Page
Utility ~ Census CSV to GEDCOM Conversion: 3 Hits
manage one year at a time. A certain amount of error trapping has been done and missing items of data ... ms of data; you will then almost certainly get an error message. And if you do not have the data items i... to allow it to work correctly. If you receive an error message saying **MSVBVM50.DLL is missing**, then
Module Require With Load (code snippet): 3 Hits
if not fileHandle then error("\n Unable to open file in \""..strMode.."\" mode... rn true else fhMessageBox('An error occurred in Download please try later') ... false end else fhMessageBox('Error from require("'..module..'") command:\n'..(err or
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