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Family Historian Version 2.3.5: 40 Hits
===== 7. Enhancements to Diagrams ===== * The Diagram menu now has a new Save Diagram As submenu, which allows you to save diagrams as image files in 9 differen... nhanced Metafile, Windows Metafile and TIFF. * Diagram Statistics, available from the Diagram menu, now provides more useful information, including the size that
Single Page PDF of a Diagram: 32 Hits
====== Single Page PDF of a Diagram ====== {{entry>Printing/Diagrams/Large Charts;See Index for related to... later, has a PDF creator included, and via the **Diagram > Save Diagram As > PDF File (.pdf)** command has the option to **Adjust PDF File Page Size so that Diagram fits into One Page**. The maximum PDF page size s
Diagram Tips and Tricks: 28 Hits
====== Diagram Tips and Tricks ====== {{entry>Diagram/Customisation Tips;See Index for related topics.}} {{entry>Customisation/Diagram/Tips;-*}} ===== Introduction ===== This summari... tricks with **Diagrams**. Remember that with a **Diagram** open pressing the **F1** key, or clicking the *
Family Historian Help Index: 23 Hits
* [[fhhelp>howto_displayadiagram|Display a Diagram]] * [[fhhelp>howto_displayadiagramforacouple|Display a Diagram for a Couple]] * [[fhhelp>howto_displayaneveryonediagram|Display an Everyone Diagram]] * [[fhhelp>howto_workwithmultiplediagrams... fhhelp>menu_lists|Lists menu]] * [[fhhelp>menu_diagram|Diagram Menu]] * [[fhhelp>menu_multimedia|Mult
Family Historian Version 3.0: 23 Hits
gether or further apart. ===== 3. A New Everyone Diagram ===== * A new Everyone Diagram has been added which shows everyone in your family tree file, and all ... relationships. ===== 4. The All Relatives ===== Diagram has been Re-worked and Much Improved. The All Rel... enhancements apply not just to the All Relatives diagram, but to All Relatives trees too, when these are i
Move Family Historian Settings and Projects: 22 Hits
or later, then special care must be taken with **Diagram Type (.fhd)** files. Three methods are suggested:... hich will convert the files. * **Export** the **Diagram Type (.fhd)** files on the old PC, and **Import**... in case they use different settings. ===== Core Diagram Settings ===== The [[Glossary:Core Standard Diag... , **All Relatives**, **Everyone**, and V5 **Blank Diagram** need special attention to move their settings.
Understanding the Scope of Features: 21 Hits
or change the **Options** in **Preferences**, a **Diagram**, a **Report**, or a **Query** what do they affe... ecord Window** tab per User * **View > Standard Diagram Types > Ancestors / Descendants / Ancestors & Descendants / All Relatives / Everyone / Blank Diagram (V5+) > Diagram Options** for the [[Glossary:Core Standard Diagrams]] settings per User * **Window/Pane/
Family Historian Version 3.1.2: 20 Hits
rgin to leave around diagrams when saving a whole diagram in Enhanced Metafile Format (EMF). Also, the prob... cally as relationships change. * When editing diagram text schemes in the 'Edit Text Scheme' dialog, th... adjust the font size to suit them, etc). ==== 4. Diagram Layout Enhancements ==== The old 'Page Boundaries' sub menu on the 'Diagram' menu has been renamed as 'Pages, Rows/Columns &
Getting ready to Print Diagrams: 14 Hits
ready to Print Diagrams ====== When you open any Diagram, {{fh}} will be getting ready to print it, but it... and Setup Printer ===== - Open {{fh}} and the Diagram you would like to print. - From the **File** me... est available, and depending on the shape of your diagram set **Orientation** to **Portrait** or **Landscap... e **File** menu, select **Page Setup**. - Use **Diagram > Options > Print** and check the paper **Orienta
View Both Spouses’ Ancestors: 13 Hits
Individual Record** before viewing an **Ancestors Diagram**, or **Ancestors & Descendants Diagram**, or **All Relatives Diagram** then the **Ancestors** of only that person are displayed in the **Diagram**. Often it is preferable to display the **Ances
Standard Diagram Types: 12 Hits
====== Standard Diagram Types ====== {{entry>Diagram/Diagram Types;See Index for related topics.}} {{entry>Charts/Diagram Types;-*}} {{entry>Trees/Diagram Types;-*}} {{ent
Report Content, Media, Format and Layout: 11 Hits
andard **Report**. So try using **View > Standard Diagram Types >** [[Glossary:Blank Diagram]] that offers some features like a word-processor to compose the page based on the following steps. * Use **Diagram > Options > Background: One colour** and in **Options** select white, **OK**. * Use **Diagram > Insert into Diagram > Picture** and choose any
Family Historian Version 5.0: 11 Hits
vice versa. ===== New ‘Flat’ Style All-Relatives Diagram ===== All-Relatives trees can now be ‘layered’ (... stretched – and faded as required. ===== Faster Diagram Loading ===== Pictures are now loaded ‘in the ba... ’ making diagrams much faster to load. ===== New Diagram Layout Options ===== A new diagram menu, ‘Layout & Scaling’, provides several new options for controlling
Delete a Custom Diagram, Fact Set, Plugin, Query, Record Flag, Report, etc: 10 Hits
====== Delete a Custom Diagram, Fact Set, Plugin, Query, Record Flag, Report, etc ====== ===== Introductio... in. * [[#Delete a Chart File]] * [[#Delete a Diagram Text Scheme]] * [[#Delete a Diagram Type]] * [[#Delete a Fact Set]] * [[#Delete a Plugin]] * [[#De... where you save your Chart Files. ===== Delete a Diagram Text Scheme ===== To delete a **Custom Diagram T
Core Standard Diagrams: 10 Hits
Using Flags and Icons and Expressions: 10 Hits
Diagram Type & Text Scheme ~ Pedigree Chart - 4 Gens - Ahnentafel: 10 Hits
Family Historian Version 5.0.11: 10 Hits
Showing Pictures on a Diagram: 9 Hits
Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings ~ Frequently Asked Questions: 9 Hits
Glossary of Features: 9 Hits
Family Historian: 9 Hits
Diagram Type ~ Compact Ancestors Diagram: 8 Hits
Family Tree Tips ~ Diagram Hyperlinks PDF: 8 Hits
Understanding Data References: 7 Hits
Ancestor and Descendant Diagram: 7 Hits
Diagram Type ~ Submitter Text Box: 7 Hits
Family Historian Version 4.1.3: 7 Hits
Workspace 3: Diagram Window: 6 Hits
Ancestor Diagram: 6 Hits
{Download Type} ~ {Download Title}: 6 Hits
Downloads and Links ~ Diagram Text Schemes: 5 Hits
Downloads and Links ~ Diagram Types: 5 Hits
Family Historian Version 6.2.7: 5 Hits
Downloads and Links: 5 Hits
Diagram Type ~ Compact Ancestor Tree: 5 Hits
Diagram Root: 4 Hits
Diagram Drag: 4 Hits
Diagram Text Scheme ~ Birth, Marr, Death, Age at Death: 4 Hits
Create an export Gedcom based on a diagram: 4 Hits
Diagram Type ~ Family Group Chart: 4 Hits
Diagram Type ~ Family Group Tree: 4 Hits
Import/Export: 4 Hits
More Workspace Windows: 4 Hits
Backup and Recovery: 4 Hits
Diagram Type ~ 5th Generation Sideways Fan: 4 Hits
Diagram Text Scheme ~ Census: 4 Hits
Add a Downloadable File: 4 Hits
Diagram Text Scheme ~ Marriage in Descendant Box: 4 Hits
Export: 3 Hits
Diagram Text Scheme ~ Names Dates Places and Occupations: 3 Hits
Diagram Text Scheme ~ Name, Birth, Marriage, Death, Places with Full Names: 3 Hits
All Relatives Diagram: 3 Hits
Formal Database Structure: 3 Hits
About Family Historian: 3 Hits
Downloads and Links ~ Diagram Icons: 3 Hits
Understanding Expressions: 3 Hits
Printing Large Diagram Charts: 3 Hits
Diagram Text Scheme ~ Birth or Baptism, Marr, Death or Burial (Superseded): 3 Hits
Diagram Text Scheme ~ Compact With Dates: 3 Hits
Family Historian Installation Details: 3 Hits
Diagram Text Scheme ~ Condensed Siblings: 3 Hits
Diagram Type ~ Fancy Fan Chart ( 3 Hits
Understanding Functions: 3 Hits
Insert Pages: 3 Hits
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Tools ~ (3) Flag Assignments: 3 Hits
Family Tree ~ Tips and Tricks and Popups: 3 Hits
Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 4 – Add Items for Table of Contents: 3 Hits
Printing PDF Single Page Diagram: 3 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ Simon Daw's Icons: 2 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ Basic Male and Female Icons: 2 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ Tommy's Icons: 2 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ Bilko Icons: 2 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ Bilko Icons 2: 2 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ Jane's Census and Certificate Icons: 2 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ Robin's Icons for Census Flags: 2 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ Brian's Icons: 2 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ International Flags: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Common Ancestors: 2 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ Generations/Living Icons: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ FreeBMD Source (Superseded): 2 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ Wulliam's Icons: 2 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ Icons With Flags: 2 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ KK's US Census Icons: 2 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ John's Census Icons: 2 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ Chris M's Icons: 2 Hits
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Tools ~ (4) Census Flags and Dates: 2 Hits
Family Historian V6 & Ancestral Sources V5 on Crossover, PlayOnLinux/Mac & Wine: 2 Hits
Focus Window Introduction, Printout, and Customisation: 2 Hits
Blank Diagram: 2 Hits
Family Historian Installation Problems: 2 Hits
Family Historian Documentation: 2 Hits
Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings ~ Advice: 2 Hits
Descendant Diagram: 2 Hits
Everyone Diagram: 2 Hits
Family Historian V5/V4 & Ancestral Sources V4 on Crossover & Wine: 2 Hits
Flags: 2 Hits
Preferences Dialogue: 2 Hits
Controlling display of Boxes on Diagrams: 2 Hits
Removing Unwanted Relations: 2 Hits
Recording Credibility of Family Relationships: 2 Hits
Getting Started Animated Tutorial: 1 Hits
Key Features for Newcomers: 1 Hits
How to Add Downloads and Links: 1 Hits
Recording a Marriage/Civil Partnership: 1 Hits
Recording from a Census Record: 1 Hits
Find and Mark Twins (How To): 1 Hits
Query:Individual ~ All Females (Superseded): 1 Hits
di_fact_set: 1 Hits
Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Create And Manage Pages: 1 Hits
Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings ~ Backup tab: 1 Hits
Using Named Lists: 1 Hits
Customise or Print Records Window Columns: 1 Hits
Family Historian FAQs: 1 Hits
Exporting a Family Tree with/without Media: 1 Hits
Downloads and Links FAQs: 1 Hits
Adding Text Boxes to a Diagram: 1 Hits
Add More People to a Diagram: 1 Hits
Query:Fact ~ Individual Fact Citations: 1 Hits
Creating a Married Women Query: 1 Hits
Family Historian Version 6.0: 1 Hits
Publishing Tools Finder: 1 Hits
Family Historian Program Data Folder: 1 Hits
Custom Diagram Types: 1 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Parent Ages: 1 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Probable Spouse (Superseded): 1 Hits
Charting Companion: 1 Hits
Export Gedcom File ~ (GWC) Gedmill Website Creator: 1 Hits