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Family Historian Version 6.2.7: 16 Hits
nd feedback from TMG users) include [[#Add Source Citations for Parent-Child Relationships as well as Spouse ... ly recorded as witnesses in a Note field. Source citations for witnesses are now also imported (source citations for witnesses can be viewed in the Source pane when yo... the correct chronological order. === Add Source Citations for Parent-Child Relationships as well as Spouse
Import from The Master Genealogist (TMG): 14 Hits
imise**, **Validate File Integrity**). If some **Citations** are not imported to {{fh}} (other than as noted... our __main__ **TMG Project**, then all expected **Citations** should be imported. TMG backups have a SQZ ext... **V5**, the **Witnesses** are in **Notes**, so **Citations** only exist for the **Fact** of the **Principal ... ** becomes a **Record Note** but its **Date** & **Citations** are omitted. [I32] & [I33] * Any TMG Tag wit
Method 1 'source splitters' mode: 11 Hits
/Method 1;See Index for related topics.}} {{entry>Citations/Method 1;-*}} ===== Introduction ===== There are essentially two methods of adding **Source Citations**: * **Method 1** 'source splitters' mode where... f **Source Document** will have multiple **Source Citations** for one reference? The more //**Yes**// answers... n the **Records Window**.\\ To the right in the **Citations** column there are **12 Citations** identified.\\
Source Records: 11 Hits
te]] is derived from information in a source, a [[citations|Citation]] should be added to link the new data t... ve a citation linking back to the source. {{entry>Citations;See Index for related topics.}} Each record, nam... Office derived source and a Parish Register one. Citations can be viewed by looking in the [[.Property:Home]... sources for this Birth that have been linked via citations. One source is a Birth Certificate and the other
Family Historian Version 2.3.5: 9 Hits
s) there are 2 new options: (a) Combine Identical Citations for Same Source and (b) Use 'Ibid' for repeated citations to same source. The first can significantly reduce the number of citations for a report. The second can reduce the length of citations. These options are quite independent of each othe
Recording Credibility of Family Relationships: 9 Hits
*Marriage** and **Divorce** event allows **Source Citations** with **Assessments** to identify credibility. For unmarried couples the **Source Citations** with **Assessments** can be added to the **Fami... be included in **Reports**. ==== Birth Witnesses Citations ==== See [[.About:Version_6.x.y#Add Source Citations for Parent-Child Relationships as well as Spouse Relat
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Options ~ (1) General Settings: 9 Hits
irth Event** per individual, linked to multiple **Citations** and **Sources**. If you prefer to record multi... ]] auto-text keyword. ==== Whole Person and Name Citations ==== === Whole Person Citations === Whole person citations link the whole **Individual Record** to an associated **Source Record**. These
Citations: 8 Hits
===== Citations===== When you look at your list of [[sources|sources]] in the Record Window you will see a c... ter. Some rare sources might only have one or two citations (in other words they are only linked to one or tw... ibutes). Other sources might have several hundred citations. If for instance you use generic sources such as ... or "1881 census" you might have several thousand citations for each individual source. {{entry>Citations;See
Step 2 Create a GEDCOM using the FH Export Plugin v1.7-2.0: 6 Hits
data === ^ Topic ^ Action ^ Note ^ | Whole Record Citations | Move to custom EVENt | **OK:** INDI custom EVEN... > is created (not checked FAM) as FTM only allows citations at Fact level (not for the whole INDI or FAM). So... ng devalued as discussed in the forum. | | Source Citations | Media copied from Source | **OK:** All OBJE & s... reated to record Place Record data). DISCUSS: The citations are not appearing (not sure why these are needed
Query:Fact ~ Individual Fact Citations: 5 Hits
====== Query:Fact ~ Individual Fact Citations ====== ===== Description ===== This **Fact Query** lists **Ci... eadsheet for further analysis. {{individual_fact_citations_result_set.png?850|Individual Fact Citations Result Set}} Produced by PeterR (16/08/11) ===== Installati... /pushfile.php?filename=fileupload/Individual_Fact_Citations.fhq|Individual Fact Citations]] ===== Related Pa
Getting Started with Genealogy Research: 4 Hits
ases is covered in the next section. ==== Source Citations ==== When you look back at the facts you entered... ? The answer is to use [[Glossary:Sources|Source Citations]], where each fact cites one or more documents th... t could have different assessments in its other **Citations** for other facts. With multiple [[Glossary:Sources|Source Citations]] there may be conflicting **Source** details, so
Query:Fact ~ Citation Details: 4 Hits
are available for the first instance only. The **Citations (Multiple) Details** Query lists Facts in the fil... Result Set}} {{citation_multiple_details.png?750|Citations (Multiple) Details Result Set}} ===== Installa... /|Citations (Multiple) Details Query]] ===== Related Pages ===== {{backlinks>.}} {{t
Step 6 Import your FTM GEDCOM back into FH: 4 Hits
ME in FTM and needs to be put back into NSFX. | | Citations | **A** Duplicate Sources | Note that FTM regards INDI, SOUR (and FAM, SOUR) tags as citations and each has additional OBJE records. There might be just one source for all like citations (e.g. England Census 1911). The solution is to us... ?). Thus Events link directly to sources (used as citations) that contain media. It appears there is no requi
Recording from a Birth Certificate: 4 Hits
animated tutorial). - Enable **Automatic Source Citations** (as explained in the animated tutorial). - Cr... n - Remember to turn off the **Automatic Source Citations** facility. It is interesting to note that this ... created. The great thing about **Automatic Source Citations** is that all of these entries will be automatica... eate the **Source** and enable **Automatic Source Citations**. You can then add any new events and update ex
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