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Diagram Type & Text Scheme ~ Pedigree Chart - 4 Gens - Ahnentafel: 11 Hits
====== Diagram Type & Text Scheme ~ Pedigree Chart - 4 Gens - Ahnentafel ====== ===== Description ===== This **Four Generations Pedigree Chart** with **[Record Id]** and **Ahnentafel Numbers**... e applied to other diagram layouts. {{ pedigree_chart_4_gens_ahnentafel.png?700 |Four Generations Pedigree Chart}} ===== Installation Instructions ===== {{pag
Delete a Custom Diagram, Fact Set, Plugin, Query, Record Flag, Report, etc: 8 Hits
from __EVERY__ **Project**. The exceptions are **Chart Files** and **Place**, **Address**, **Keyword**, ... ily Historian Settings** Plugin. * [[#Delete a Chart File]] * [[#Delete a Diagram Text Scheme]] * ... matching customisation. The two exceptions are **Chart Files** and **Property Box Tabs**. See how to [[... d associated with many deletions. ===== Delete a Chart File ===== To delete a **Family Historian Chart
Diagram Type ~ Fancy Fan Chart ( 5 Hits
====== Diagram Type ~ Fancy Fan Chart ( ====== ===== Description ===== Family Historian V5 only Fan Chart built on a tree design from **[[|]]**. {{:fhugdownloads:contents:fan... {{pushfile>:fhugdownloads:contents:about-com_fan_chart.fhdx|Fancy Fan Chart}} ===== Related Pages =====
Family Historian Version 2.3.5: 5 Hits
f these problems. These include: * A new Large Chart Settings button has been added to the Dimensions ... agram is too wide and suggest that they use Large Chart Settings for this diagram. There is also advice a... d printing very wide diagrams (click on the Large Chart Settings button in the Dimensions tab of the Diag... e option is primarily useful, however, when Large Chart Settings have been enabled, as without it, all li
Family Historian Version 5.0.11: 5 Hits
ppened. This has been fixed. * If you added a chart to a book, and the book used a different printer to the printer used when laying out the chart, you could get problems with the last line of the... The ‘Installation Settings’ button in the colour chart window for fan charts did nothing (click on View,... click on the ‘Colours’ button to view this colour chart window). Now fixed. * The Preferences option t
Family Historian Version 5.0: 5 Hits
ayed blown-up in a ‘popup’ window. ===== New Fan Chart Diagrams ===== Half, quarter or full sizes. Like... hat person’s details in the Property Box. The Fan Chart will update automatically to reflect the change. ... marking the connecting lines on a new or existing chart. Or see exactly how they are related detailed in ... e copied and pasted, and stored – not just within chart files, but also as part of custom diagram types.
Family Historian Version 4.1.3: 5 Hits
s the project’s Public subfolder. When you save a chart as a picture file, or as a PDF file, or when you ... size information for the picture, its size in the chart would initially be huge. Now fixed. * Cursor k... hange the order of siblings in the first row of a chart, the change could sometimes be reversed the next time you made a data change, or reloaded a chart. Now fixed. * If you opened Page Setup when vi
Report Content, Media, Format and Layout: 4 Hits
se **Diagram > Save Diagram As > Family Historian Chart** with an appropriate name, which will appear in ... *Contents**. Now in **Edit Book** select **Saved Chart**, then click **>** and choose the **Chart** name saved above. In **Select Chart Pages** click **Position on Page**, then use cursor to drag to mi
Charting Companion: 4 Hits
ided by {{fh}}, such as a Fractal Tree, Dandelion Chart, Descendant Fan Chart, Trellis Chart, X-chromosome Inheritance, DNA Charts, and many more. It can be run via the **Charting C... ough that setting may not exist for every type of chart). {{ cc_options_font_smoothing.png?300 |Options
Diagram Type ~ Family Group Chart: 3 Hits
====== Diagram Type ~ Family Group Chart ====== This custom diagram type is only valid for V5 of Family ... xt boxes. {{ myfamilygroup.png?450 |Family Group Chart}} ===== Installation Instructions ===== {{pag... nloads:contents:my_family_group.fhdx|Family Group Chart}} ===== Related Pages ===== {{backlinks>.}} {{
Single Page PDF of a Diagram: 3 Hits
Print Properties ===== Open the **Diagram** or **Chart** you would like to print. * From the **File**... reating-a-ONE-PAGE-PDF-over-5m.pdf|Creating a PDF chart in Family Historian up to 5m (200") long ~ By Ton... nting]] Jan/Feb 2014 * [[topic>t=10921|printing chart: B&W only and trim marks?]] Nov 2013 * [[topic>
Charting Companion: 3 Hits
ently provided, such as a Fractal Tree, Dandelion Chart, Descendant Fan Chart, and Trellis Chart. See the [[|Create Fanta
Check Version In Store (code snippet): 2 Hits
int(pluginname,version,reference) -->> Timeline Chart.fh_lua 1.4 199 print(checkVersionInStore('id',19... .4 199 print(checkVersionInStore('name','Timeline Chart')) -->> 1.4 199 </code> ===== Related Pages ====
Family Historian Version 3.0: 2 Hits
-Tree Diagrams ===== Saved Diagrams and Enhanced Chart Output * All diagrams can now be saved with ... ll details preserved as files in Family Historian Chart format, so you can create complex charts and keep
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Diagram Type ~ 5th Generation Sideways Fan: 2 Hits
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