Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Options ~ Customise Colour and Font


These options allow the Colour Scheme and Font of the user interface to be customised.

The installation defaults are Olive and Tahoma, Regular, Size 8 respectively.

Remember hover the mouse over buttons and boxes to obtain a brief Tooltip.


Customise Colour Scheme

Customise Window

Use Tools > Customise to open the Customise options window.

Select a Colour Scheme from the drop-down list, and click Apply to see what it looks like.

Click on each Colour box in turn and choose a Custom colour, then click Apply to visualise the scheme. This colour combination is given the name Custom in the Colour Scheme list and is saved once the OK button is clicked. However, if one of the four preset schemes is chosen and OK clicked, the Custom scheme is deleted.

Click the Font button, select a Font face, style & size such as Arial, Regular & 9, then click OK, and finally click Apply to invoke the font.

Customise Text Font

When satisfied with the Colour Scheme and Font click OK. Alternatively, click Cancel to restore the original settings.

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