Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Marriage ~ (1) Enter Marriage Information


It is assumed that you have obtained a Marriage Certificate as part of your family history research, and want to enter its details into Family Historian by using Ancestral Sources.

A transcript of this Marriage Certificate (which is entirely fictitious) is shown below.

1897 Marriage at Parish Church in Newton in the County of Surrey
No.23 June 7th 1897
Rupert Childs age 19, Bachelor, Clerk, 12 Wood Street, father Norman Childs, Joiner
Janet Hodges age 18, Spinster, Milkmaid, Hodges Farm, father Arthur Hodges, Farmer
Married in the Church after Banns by A. Williams, Curate
Marriage between Rupert Childs & Janet B Hodges in the presence of Jack Smith & Jill Smith

Marriage Data Entry Screen

The marriage data entry starts here, and this first section completes the Main Info tab in the centre of the window.

The rest of this tutorial, up until the data is saved to file, must be completed in one session, otherwise all the data will need to be re-entered.

Open Ancestral Sources and ensure the Family Historian Sample Project or the Sample.ged file opens by default, but if not then Configure Initial Settings.

Notice that the members of the sample Munro family tree are listed in the top right-hand panel.

Ensure that the Marriage Records mode is active by clicking the Create marriage entries button near the middle of the toolbar, or by choosing View > Marriage Editor.

Main Information

Ensure that the Main Info tab is selected.

The Church Parish from the transcript should be entered into the Place field, and the Church Address into the Address field (e.g. Place: Newton, Surrey, England and Address: Parish Church).

These will become the Place and Address values used in the Marriage Event and other Facts created by Ancestral Sources.

If there are matching Place or Address values in your GEDCOM data, then these fields will auto-complete, and Address values will be available from a drop-down list, depending on the check box to the right.

From the transcript, enter the Marriage Date as 7 June 1897.

To choose the groom in the marriage transcript, enter the start of his surname (Chi) into the Find Name box above the family names, and select Rupert from the list. Notice that his bride is listed under Spouse below, because earlier research has shown they were a couple.

To add Rupert as the groom, click the << Select button, or use Edit > Add current individual to the entry, and select Individual from the popup list.

In the Choose Family window that appears, select Janet Barbara HODGES as the spouse and click OK.

Alternatively, you would choose A previously unrecorded spouse, and then either select her from the list of existing names, or use the Add Spouse… link on the right to create a new Individual.

Marriage Main Info Tab

As the Place, Address, Marriage Date, Individual, and Spouse fields are entered, they also appear in the Title above.

It is beyond the scope of this tutorial, but the Title field can be customised by a template that compiles data from a variety of sources.
See the menubar Tools > Options > Marriage settings – method 1 > Marriage Method 1 Title Template option and the Title & Type Templates tutorial for details.
If you have a source naming convention, try and replicate it using this template, to ensure consistent titles.

From the transcript, enter the Individual Occupation of the groom as Clerk. Ancestral Sources may offer this in a dropdown list from existing facts. Then enter the Spouse Occupation of the bride as Milkmaid.

Lastly, select the Marriage Type of After Banns from the dropdown list.

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