Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Marriage ~ (5) Edit Auto Text and Note


The next two areas below the tabs are the Text and Note boxes, which define multi-line text for the Text From Source and Note fields of the Source Record.

Auto Text Transcript

To create an automatic transcript of the Marriage, click the Auto button, or use Edit > Auto Text, and select the Marriage Certificate 1837- (England/Wales) option.

Note how all the data entered so far is reproduced automatically, and that other options are available to produce different transcript layouts.

The ticked Auto option allows any further changes made to the data to be automatically updated in the Text box, unless the text has been manually edited.

To edit the text, click the Text link to obtain a large editing window. On the 3rd line enter the County of Surrey, make any other desired changes, and click OK when satisfied that the transcript accurately reflects the Marriage record.

Auto Text Transcript & Source Note

It is beyond the scope of this tutorial, but the Auto Text transcript can be customised with a template that compiles data from many fields to generate an alternative transcript.
See the menubar Tools > Autotext Template Editor options and the Auto Text Templates tutorial for details.

Source Note

The Note box can be similarly edited via the Note link, and possibly should say Fictitious tutorial data.

Source Citation

To set citation options, use Tools > Options… > Marriage settings.

Under Sources in the centre, tick both the Citation Certainty and the Use Citation Entry Date options, and then click OK.

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