Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Marriage ~ (6) Add Multimedia Image


For UK marriages from 1837 onwards, a GRO Marriage Certificate should be available, and its scanned image linked to a Multimedia Record associated with the new data entered via Ancestral Sources.

Alternatively, you could work from Church Parish Marriage Records that register similar details.

A Marriage Certificate image is provided for this tutorial, so click the thumbnail image below to obtain a popup window for the 1897-06-07 CHILDS Marriage.jpg file. Then to download it, select Save File, click OK, and Save the file to your usual family history working folder.

Click here to obtain Marriage Image Download

Image Viewer

To open the Image Viewer, either use Edit > Add/View Images… or click the Add/View Images… link in the Linked Images panel.

Ensure the Link new image option is selected, then click the Select File… button, and Open the image file that was downloaded above. This image file should appear in the image panel on the left.

There are several options for specifying the Image Title and the Linked Filename of the Multimedia Record.
One option, beyond the scope of this tutorial, allows the Image Title to be customised by a template that compiles data from a variety of sources.
See the menubar Tools > Options > Census settings > Census Image Title Template option and the Title & Type Templates tutorial for details.

For this tutorial select Same as source title and tick Rename file to match title, which neatly assigns the same Title to the Multimedia Record and Image Filename as the Source Record.

In the Keywords box select Document as well as Picture.
(If using Family Historian Version 3 or earlier, do not select any Keywords, otherwise _KEYS UDF will arise).

Now click the Save button at the bottom.

If using Family Historian Version 4.1 (or later) there may be a prompt to choose the Media folder into which to eventually copy the image file.
Click the Yes button, and in the popup click New Folder, create a Marriage folder, and click OK.
However, if you placed the image file directly into the Media folder or sub-folder, then this prompt is bypassed.

Image Viewer > Save > New Folder

Close the Image Viewer window by clicking its Close button.

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