Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Baptism ~ (8) Examine Family Historian


Now let us examine the Family Historian data to see how much information Ancestral Sources has automatically added. (Family Historian Version 3.1 options are enclosed in parentheses).

Watch the associated Examine Family Historian tutorial video.

Family Historian Data

Run Family Historian and open the Family Historian Sample Project (or the Sample.ged GEDCOM file).

Locate John HODGES the father of his baptised son Arthur, open his Property Box, and ensure Show Sources is enabled.

Individual Details

Property Box Main Tab

Virtually all the data displayed was created by Ancestral Sources.

Click on any data field to see the Baptism Source citation, with its Entry Date and Assessment completed.
Alternative values for these fields can be chosen via Tools > Options… > Baptism settings within Ancestral Sources.

In the Sources pane, click the Sources For drop-down list, and every entry marked with an asterisk (*) was created and cited by Ancestral Sources.

Select the Facts (or Events) tab for John HODGES, his wife Mary, and son Arthur in turn. Note that every Fact was created by Ancestral Sources, including the Date, Place and Address details.

For example, the Baptism event for Arthur shows the Date, Place, and Address of the baptism, and the Note identifies the God-parents.

Since Family Historian Version 6, the Facts tab and Sources For pane have a Show Media button in their central toolbars, offering a shortcut to any associated Media images.

Property Box Facts Tab

The Occupation attribute of John HODGES assumes he worked in the same Place as the Baptism, but not at the same Address.
However, such assumptions can be changed via Tools > Options… > Baptism settings within Ancestral Sources.
In this instance John probably did work at his residence Hodges Farm, since he was a Farmer, and this detail can be changed in Family Historian.

Source Record

Open the one Source Baptism Record that is cited by all those Facts, and notice how all the new data is presented.

Source Record Main Tab

If for example, anyone ever asks how you know that Arthur was Baptised in 1837, you can easily find the Source of that information.
Note that the Title, Type, Publication Information, Repository, Note, and Text From Source baptism transcript, were all automatically inserted by Ancestral Sources.

Click on the Repository icon to the right, and select Go to Repository record to review the Repository contact details for the keeper of the original source document.

Repository Record


A Baptism record that took just a few minutes to enter in Ancestral Sources has created many new Facts and two new Individuals, all citing a new Source, which is linked to a new Repository record.

It could have all been done in Family Historian without Ancestral Sources, but it would probably have taken at least three times as long, using a tedious and repetitive set of steps.

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