Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Baptism ~ (3) Enter Further Information


The parish record gives Rev. A. Vicar as the minister and Jack & Jill Jones as the godparents.

For this example the godparents are assumed to be unrelated to the family and will NOT be added to the database as Individuals.

Watch the associated Enter Further Information tutorial video.

Further Information

Ensure that the Further Info tab is selected.

Enter the Ref ID as Newton Parish 1837 Baptism Register.

There is no Other Info to enter.

Enter the Minister name as Rev. A. Vicar from the transcript.

Under Associated Individuals ensure that the Association is Godparents.

Select the Just a name – not in file option, enter the Name as Jack & Jill Jones, and make the Desc plural God-parents:

Click the Save button to register the details.

Baptism Further Info Tab

It is beyond the scope of this tutorial, but Associated Individuals can be customised by a template to allow associated persons to be recorded in various ways.
See the Edit… link option in this pane and the Associated Individual Types editor tutorial for details.

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