Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Baptism ~ (2) Enter Family Residence


The parish record gives Hodges Farm as the address of the parents, and since the child is not a month old, this is probably his birth place.

Watch the associated Enter Family Residence tutorial video.

Residence Data

Ensure that the Residence tab is selected.

Enter Newton, Surrey, England and Hodges Farm as the Place and Address for the Individual Residence.

Notice that the same details are replicated automatically in the other Place and Address fields.

These location details can be individually cleared, edited, or ticked.

Each residence entry with a Place or Address value will result in a Residence Fact being created when the data is saved to Family Historian.
Likewise, the individual Birth Fact may be updated with birthplace Place or Address values.

The ticked entries will be included in the Auto Text as a transcript of the baptism record.

Since only the Father’s Residence is actually mentioned in the transcript, this should be ticked and the other three locations un-ticked.

Baptism Residence Tab

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