Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Baptism ~ (4) Add Multimedia Image


Church baptism records such as this, are unlikely to be supplemented with an image of the register or photo of the event.

This is in contrast to the formal GRO birth, marriage, death, and census records.

Thus it is recommended that the warning regarding no images attached should be disabled.

Watch the associated Add Multimedia Image tutorial video.

Baptism Settings

To adjust the settings use Tools > Options… > Baptism settings and under When saving baptism entries… remove the tick against Warn if no images attached.

While in this window, under Sources in the centre, tick both the Citation Certainty and the Use Citation Entry Date options, and then click OK.

Baptism Settings

Image Viewer

If there were an image, then it would be added using the Image Viewer.

To open the Image Viewer, either use Edit > Add/View Images… or click the Add/View Images link in the Linked Images panel.

The Add Multimedia Census Image tutorial demonstrates how an image could be added.

You can in fact add any type of file, not just image files. In the Open file window, near the lower right corner, it lists Image Files (*.bmp;*.gif;*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.pcx;*.tif;*.png;*.tga;*.wmf), and to the right of this list is a black triangular arrow. Click on that arrow and from the drop-down list choose All Files (*.*). You will then be able to select any file type to attach to the source. Although the file might not display within the Image Viewer, clicking on the area where the image would normally be displayed will open the default program for that file type. e.g. If you attach a word-processor document then it might open Microsoft Word.

There are several options for specifying the Image Title and the Linked Filename of the Multimedia Record.
One option, beyond the scope of this tutorial, allows the Image Title to be customised by a template that compiles data from a variety of sources.
See the menubar Tools > Options > Baptism settings > Baptism Image Title Template option and the Title & Type Templates tutorial for details.

Click the Close button near the top, to close the Image Viewer window.

If an image is obtained at a later date, then either the Ancestral Sources Add Images to Existing Sources option, or the Family Historian add Multimedia options could be used.

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