Family Historian Birth & Death Informant Witness Role


fh V6 introduced Fact Witnesses and Ancestral Sources can optionally use them to record the Informant of a Birth or Death event.

However, it is not made clear that the Informant Witness Role must be defined in fh to allow the features to operate correctly.

Without that definition the Facts tab of the Informant just displays Birth or Death without any further details, and the Narrative Sentence has no Template to correct its wording.

Define Informant Witness Role

To define an Informant Witness Role follow these steps:

  • Use Tools > Fact Types, select the Birth or Death event, and click Edit to open a Fact Definition dialogue.
  • Some Witness Roles may exist but not Informant, so click Roles and then Add to open a New Role dialogue.
  • Enter Role Name: as Informant.
  • Enter Past Tense: as Informed.
  • In the Witness Sentence Template: change a to an so it will read "… an Informant …".
  • Finally click the Create button, then Close, OK, Close.

Facts Tab Format

With the above definition the Facts tab for the Informant will say Informed Birth/Death of…

That can be customised by selecting the Informant role and using the Edit and Advanced buttons to create an Override Template, e.g. To mimic the Timeline Facts that say just Birth/Death of… then use the Template:

Birth/Death of {=Relationship(%CUR~WITN>%,GetRecord(%FACT%),TEXT,1)} {=FieldText(GetRecord(%FACT%),'INDI.NAME:FIRST')}

See the Forum thread Birth of son not recorded September 2017.

Other Considerations

Strictly speaking the Informant registration is a different event from the Birth or Death itself. It usually happens on a different Date at a different Place and Address. So rather than use an Informant Witness Role, it may be better to use a Custom Event where those different details can be recorded.