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Multiple 'Census' templates for a given Year Click to view original request
Whilst using AS to enter an entry from the 1939 Register, it has become apparent, that a lot of the more recent Census can have multiple document layouts (e.g 1911 i have the regular census page, a different page for the army and another for the Navy, in the 1939 register i have a different page layout for a hospital patient to the regular page). Each of theses documents needs a slightly different templates layout in AS to be able to best capture the data in the appropriate fields/comments. Currently i am getting around this by having to define a 'dummy' county/region value (i.e. i have the regular 'UK' when then contains the 1841 thru 1911 census, but have then have 'UK Army' with a 1911 census). In a future version, would it be possible to change the template logic so that instead of just a year you could also define the 'form type', i am thinging either via expansion of the year box (e.g. you could allow '1911 Army' or '1911 RN' as well as just 1911), of by adding a third selection box)
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RSellens I support this idea and did spend a few hours working on this for v5.1 but it turned out to require a very significant amount of redevelopment that I didn't have the time to do. This will have to wait for a future version.
Allow editing of existing entry Various Unfortunately this isn't really possible, except potentially for a subset of the data entered. When an entry is created in AS, it scatters data across your file, into events, source text, etc. While it might be potentially possible to allow some of that data to be edited, much of it would be impossible to gather back together. Family Historian provides excellent facilities already to edit information and really AS duplicating that facility wouldn't be worth the effort
Allow retention of residence details for baptism Click to view original request
I have had several baptisms within the family on the same day. Can more fields be added to the save on exit for this event? Ideally the residence address of all the family would make the following entry / entries a bit quicker
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Valkrider Will aim to do this in a future version.