Ancestral Sources Acknowledgements and Disclaimers

This page is written from the viewpoint of the author of Ancestral Sources, Nick Walker.

Ancestral Sources is copyright © Nick Walker. Ancestral Sources is currently only made available through the Family Historian User Group. This application may only be distributed on other websites or via other media such as DVD or CD-ROM if permission is granted by Nick Walker, the author. In any case the help-file must always be distributed with Ancestral Sources.

Warranty and Support

  1. There is no warranty. Although I have made reasonable attempts to ensure that this program is virus-free and fault-free, I can not be held liable for anything untoward that may happen to your computer or the files upon it. Do not use this program if you don't agree with or understand this. Having said that I would like to know if you do have any problems, in which case contact me, Nick Walker.
  2. Please email me if you have any problems with Ancestral Sources or suggestions for improvements. However, I don't guarantee that I will continue to give this support for ever!
  3. There is an Ancestral Sources discussion/help forum on the FHUG website.
  4. There is also an extensive Ancestral Sources Knowledge Base on the FHUG website.


  1. I have only tested this with GEDCOM files created by Calico Pie Limited's Family Historian 6, although I believe it should work with earlier (or later) versions as well as 100% compatible GEDCOM 5.5 files produced by other programs. It is not advisable to use Ancestral Sources with any versions of Family Historian earlier than Version 4 as some features such as single-sex relationships and image key-words will not work with Versions 2 & 3.
  2. The default method for recording associated individuals (e.g. godparents, marriage witnesses) is to use the Witness Role introduced in Family Historian v6. Although Ancestral Sources will work with earlier versions of Family Historian, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to version 6, particularly as this will help Calico Pie to continue to support and develop Family Historian in future years.
  3. I have only tested this with Windows 10 but have no reports of serious problems from people running this and other versions on a variety of other Windows versions.
  4. Make sure you backup your family history file before you load it in to Ancestral Sources. I have not had a problem with it and indeed a backup is made automatically every time you create an entry, but it is better to be safe than sorry!

Using Ancestral Sources

Important: Where possible make sure you are using the latest version of Family Historian. You should at least be running version 2.3.5 or higher. In particular this will help to ensure that no data loss occurs if switching between Family Historian and Ancestral Sources. This is important as you may find that older versions of Family Historian will automatically save over the top of your updated file causing you to lose the new records you have added. To make use of the flag features in Ancestral Sources you need to be using version 3 or higher of Family Historian. To be able to create same-sex relationships or the project facilities in Ancestral Sources you need to be using version 4 or higher of Family Historian. To be able to use the witness roles to record associated individuals you will be need to be using version 6 or higher of Family Historian.

To find out how to use Ancestral Sources read the Getting Started with Ancestral Sources page.


Thanks to Simon Orde and Calico Pie Limited for producing Family Historian.

Thanks to Jane Taubman for all of her help in getting Ancestral Sources and all the previous Gedcom Census versions released and for hosting the download on her excellent Family Historian User Group website.

Thanks to Mark Dewhurst for designing the logo, icon and graphical buttons in Ancestral Sources.

For the setup routines I have used InnoSetup.

For testing previous versions thanks to: Mike Tate, Steve Bye, Peter Richmond, Jane Taubman, Bill Henshaw, Jon Axtell, Robin Wells, Robin Jordan, Dale Harding, Peter Wherritt, Richard Sellens, John Morrison, David Dewick, Doug Whiteley, Geoff Browne, Graham Kent, Steve Foster, Irene Blackburn, Steve Baldock, Elizabeth Sleaford, Tony Jones, Anton McLoughlin, John Taylor, Chris Michael, Andrew Braid, Helen Wright, Deb Hopton, Derek Arnold, Richard Sellens, Robin Price, Peter Wherritt, Colin Spencer, Phil Cole, Ron Chapman, Mervyn Ashby, Helen Spencer and anyone else I've forgotten!

A special thanks to those people who have donated money to the Ancestral Sources project. This has been very much appreciated and has certainly encouraged me to continue to develop my software.