About Ancestral Sources


Ancestral Sources is an application, designed by Nick Walker, to be used in conjunction with Calico Pie Limited's Family Historian to allow faster and more convenient creation of source records with census events, BMD events, occupation attributes, and other facts linked to the sources, and the ability to easily link multimedia images. Ancestral Sources is freeware but the author does appreciate donations that can be made from within the application.

Most of the information that is added to a family history file originates from one of just a few types of documents, namely birth, marriage and death certificates, church baptisms, marriages and burials, census records and probate records. The concept of Ancestral Sources is that it allows the data from these source documents to be entered directly into the software, building up the family history data in a more intuitive approach than the usual methods used by genealogy applications. For example, typically entering a census household entry in a family history application requires multiple facts such as census, occupation, birth, etc. to be created for each individual, all linked back to a source via citations: a very time consuming exercise. Ancestral Sources makes this far easier and much quicker to achieve.

Ancestral Sources is highly recommended for all users of Family Historian. The availability of Ancestral Sources is frequently cited as a key reason to use Family Historian over other genealogy applications that do not have similar functionality.

This program is not in any way associated with or endorsed by Calico Pie Limited.


Ancestral Sources is the successor to Gedcom Census and adds many new features. It supports Census Records, Birth Records, Baptism Records, Marriage Records, Death Records and Burial/Cremation Records.

Using Ancestral Sources