About the FHUG Web Site Usage


FHUG is a user operated and supported site providing help and advice for the Family Historian software package.

Since 2002, through 4 major releases, the user group has helped thousands of users of all levels to come to grips with one of the most powerful and flexible Family History programs available today.

Whether you are a beginner, or a more experienced user, FHUG exists to help you get more from Family Historian.


Back in 2002 (around 6 months after Family Historian Version 2.0 was launched), the FH Mailing List was discussing setting up a user group for Family Historian. I had already added a place to upload queries to on my own site, but it was felt a more comprehensive site would be better, so on the 16th of November I posted:

Subject: Re: FHU Anyone want to help set up a User Group?
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 02:13:38 -0800 (PST)
Hello All,

I have been experimenting with a new web portal for the User Group. It has the capacity for forums, polls, newsletters, articles, feedback etc. Because of the way it works it needs its own web space so is not off of my site any more, its located at http://www.familyhistorian.ip3.com not very catchy I know, if it takes off I will register a better domain name for the group. . .

Many years on and fhug.org.uk has grown into a comprehensive site for all things Family Historian, with a core of active and knowledgeable members always ready and able to help newbie and more advanced users to get the most from Family Historian.

Family Historian has grown in functionality and power over the years. The version we were using back then had no Reports, just Diagrams and Queries, no Project or Focus windows, or even Named Lists. Just take a look at the Knowledge Base Home page to see what's been added over the years.

FHUG has grown as well; it's gained the Knowledge Base, and the Wish List, and it has provided a home for Nick Walker's superb Ancestral Sources and its predecessor Gedcom Census.

It's not owned or run by Calico Pie Limited, the authors of Family Historian, and has been run since the beginning as a free resource, funded by donations from visitors, and the commissions from sales on Amazon and My History, advertisements on the site, and partly from my own pocket.

It does not seem possible it's all those years since we started out, but it is, so I just want to say a huge thank you to all the people who over the years have posted questions and answers and the many loyal users who work out queries and now plugins as well, to help people make better use of FH to progress their Family History research.

Jane Taubman
Web Master of the FHUG