An Overview of Queries
According to the Family Historian Help file “A query is a reusable set of instructions for extracting information from a Family Historian file
Calculate the length of a marriage (How To)
The function below will calculate in years the length of a marriage
Display long text such as Notes
In a Query Column or Records Window Column any long text such as Note fields and Text From Source fields are truncated at about 150 characters with an ellipsis … This workaround will display the full text
How to Find and Mark Twins
Identifying multiple births can be very helpful
Searching and Filtering
There are times when a Query is overkill — you simply want, for example, to locate a single individual in your data, or to find all occurrences of a particular phrase, or to replace instances of a word
Split Tree Helper
This is covered in the manual Getting the Most From Family Historian in either Chapter 14 – Merging, Comparing and Splitting Tree Files or in later editions Chapter 15 – Compare, Merge, Split, Copy and Export GEDCOM Files