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Ancestral Sources Migration Guide
It is becoming likely that someday you will update Windows or buy a new PC and need to re-install Ancestral Sources (AS)
Backup and Recovery
Backing up your data should be a key part of your computer strategy and this should include all your genealogical data
Family Historian Installation Advice
The installation and upgrade information on the Family Historian website is the to go for information on installling and upgrading as the program authors have a complete guide that answers the majority of the questions
Family Historian Installation Problems
This advice applies to installation issues
Family Historian Licence Problems
The following advice applies specifically to licensing and download issues
Family Historian on Mac, Linux, iOS, Android etc
Family Historian is designed to run on Windows computers
Family Historian V5 & V6 Migration Guide
If you are using V5+ Projects then these steps should migrate everything from the old PC to the new PC
Move Family Historian Settings and Projects
Sooner or later everyone gets a new computer, or a second computer, and needs to migrate Family Historian and the associated data  on to it
Running Family Historian on a Virtual Machine
This advice has been obtained from FHUG members who have succeeded in installing Family Historian (FH) and Ancestral Sources (AS) into Oracle VirtualBox for Mac OS X Hosts
Running Family Historian on Crossover
The advice below applies to the current version of Crossover the Windows emulator from CodeWeavers and is a a variant of Wine from WineHQ
Running Family Historian on PlayOnLinux/Mac
The advice below applies to these or later stable versions of PlayOnMac/Linux
Running Family Historian on Wine
The advice below applies to these or later stable versions of Wine from Wine HQ
Synchronising Family Historian between 2 PCs
Many people will install Family Historian on 2 PCs, which is allowed by the terms of the licence: The Software must not be installed on more than one computer terminal at any one time, except that you may install it onto 2 computers (and no more than 2) if both computers are owned and […]
Understanding the Scope of Features
When starting to use Family Historian it quickly becomes clear it has many features and can be highly customised