Customising V7 to use V6 (Simple) Style Sources
Some people who upgrade to Family Historian 7 to take advantage of some of its new features (such as formatted text) will prefer to continue using Generic Sources rather than adopting Templated Sources, perhaps to maintain consistency with data previously entered, or because they do not want to learn a new way of working, […]
Delete a Custom Diagram, Fact Set, Plugin, Query, Record Flag, Report, etc
Family Historian offers many customisations, most of which can be removed as easily as they are created, but there are some exceptions
How to Customise or Print Records Window or Named List Columns
The columns in the Records Window (and Named Lists) can be customised to suit the user’s preferences
How to Turn Off the Splash Screen
When Family Historian starts up it displays a Splash screen
Narrative Report Fact Sentence Templates
These specify the wording for facts in Narrative Reports and elsewhere
Silence Deletion Sound
Silence Deletion Sound To mute the sound associated with many deletions, follow these steps: Open the Sound control panel using one of these methods: Use Windows 10 > Start > Settings > System > Sound > Sound control panel In Windows 10 search for and then open Change system sounds control panel In earlier Windows […]
Some Simple Customisations for Working with Facts
As you work with Family Historian, you will come to realise exactly how customisable it is, and Facts are no exception; here are four very simple ways to make it easier to work with Facts
Understanding the Scope of Features
Knowing where Family Historian stores its data and settings on your PC greatly aids routine processes such as backup or future migration/upgrade to a new or additional PC