Family Historian on Mac, Linux, iOS, Android etc
Family Historian is designed to run on Windows computers
Getting Started
If you are coming to Family Historian () from another genealogy computer program you may want to start by reviewing Key Features for Newcomers Needs Editing and then the specific advice for migrating from your old program
Key Features for Newcomers
If you are new to Family Historian, and especially if new to genealogy, then familiarise yourself with these topics
Sources and Citations in Version 7 (for New Users)
Sources are an essential part of recording the results of your Genealogy research; they help you, and others, understand how you reached a particular conclusion — and where you might be mistaken
Sources and Citations in Version 7 (for Upgraders)
Family Historian version 7 introduces a new way of working with Sources and Citations, although it is possible to continue working in a similar way to Version 6, including the use of Ancestral Sources
What’s New in the Knowledge Base for Version 7 (WIP)
Family Historian Version 7 has its own ‘What’s New’ details and we encourage you to read those, plus the on the new and changed features]
Working with Facts for New Users
Facts are one of the key concepts at the heart of Family Historian; they are how you record the things that happened to, or described, each ancestor (Individual)
Working with Places and Addresses
identify the geographic location at which a Fact happened