Add a Person to an Existing Ancestral Sources Entry
If a person is missed off when an entry is created with Ancestral Sources, then they can only be added afterwards with Family Historian
Adding a New Person in Ancestral Sources
If when using Ancestral Sources to add a data entry you find it refers to a person who you want to be part of your GEDCOM file, but is not currently recorded, then you can add them directly in Ancestral Sources
Ancestral Sources
Ancestral Sources (AS) is an application, designed by Nick Walker, to be used in conjunction with Family Historian () to allow faster and more convenient creation of source records with census events, BMD events, occupation attributes, and other facts linked to the sources, and the ability to easily link multimedia images
Ancestral Sources Acknowledgements and Disclaimers
Copyright Notice Ancestral Sources is copyright © Nick Walker and is currently only made available through the Family Historian User Group
Ancestral Sources Migration Guide
It is becoming likely that someday you will update Windows or buy a new PC and need to re-install Ancestral Sources (AS)
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Configure Initial Settings
The Ancestral Sources tutorials require the following settings to be established in order to operate correctly
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Baptism Facts
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Census Facts
This tutorial illustrates the fundamental features of capturing a Census Record and adding its details to your Family Historian database
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Marriage Facts
This tutorial illustrates the fundamental features of capturing a Marriage Record using Ancestral Sources and adding its details to your Family Historian database
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Restore Original Settings
Follow these instructions to restore Ancestral Sources and Family Historian to their original state
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Options
The tutorials for entering facts all focus on the default installation settings of Ancestral Sources, which for many users will be fine, but there are numerous options that allow you to customise how things work
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Templates
The tutorials for entering facts all focus on the default installation templates of Ancestral Sources, which for many users will be fine, but the templates offer ways to customise how certain features work
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Tools
In addition to entering facts, there are a variety of other tools for manipulating your GEDCOM database
Ancestral Sources Version History
The most recent version of Ancestral Sources is v7
Editing an Existing Entry
Ancestral Sources supports the creation of entries, but does not support the editing of entries (except for Adding Images to Sources)
Enter Census (Video Tutorials)
These videos show how to add a Census entry, and each one summarises its associated scripted tutorial, which provides more explanation and references
Family Historian Birth & Death Informant & Other Witness Roles
Family Historian V6 introduced Fact Witnesses and Ancestral Sources can optionally use them to record the Informant of a Birth or Death event
Family Historian Census Event for UK 1939 Register
At the outbreak of World War II, the British people were required to register in order to obtain identity cards, ration books, etc
Getting Started with Ancestral Sources
Most of the information that is added to a file originates from one of just a few types of documents, namely birth, marriage and death certificates, church baptisms, marriages and burials, and census records
Solving Windows Defender and Edge Browser blocking Ancestral Sources
Windows Defender, and other anti-virus software, build in protection to stop less well-known applications from installing
Using Ancestral Sources with Family Historian 7
Important Ancestral Sources v7 has been designed to work Family Historian 7 with extensive support for its new features