Copy File
Copies a file from one location to another, retaining the change date and access date
Delete File
This checks that a file exists and then deletes the file, repeating several times if the delete fails
Delete Old Files
This deletes files more than 1 hour old that match a filename pattern in a particular folder
Directory Tree
Used in conjunction with a for loop to read all files in a subdirectory
File Exists
Check if a file exists
Folder Exists
Checks if a folder exists
Load String From File
This loads the contents of a text file into a string variable
Load Text File into a Table
Loads a file into a table and returns it
Save String to File
This saves the contents of a string variable into a text file
Split a Filename into Path, File, and Extension
Splits a full path filename into its components, so for example: C:\users\documents\myfile
Word Load Data Direct Into
Although not trivial it’s perfectly possible to write reports in to MS Word direct from a plugin
Zip File Create & Extract
Creates a Compressed (zipped) Folder from the contents of any folder, or extracts a Compressed (zipped) Folder into any folder