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  • ZoomPast is a website for exploring, building and sharing genealogies. It offers a zooming user interface and innovative layout algorithms that enable huge and complex genealogies to be explored with ease. It is a project based at Imperial College London and funded by a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) impact acceleration grant.

    See https://www.zoompast.com/about for more details. There are features for making trees private or public, or sharing with friends and family.

    ZoomPast is supported by the Export Gedcom File Plugin.

    Linked Media

    When using the Upload Gedcom File option, any Media File links to PC based files will be ignored, but if the Media File links are URL for online images they should be included in the ZoomPast tree.

    When using the My Trees option to Download it will produce a ZIP file containing a GEDCOM file and any image files that you manually added to your tree.

    The GEDCOM file will contain Local Media Objects with File link URL for any uploaded images.

    For each such image in the ZIP file, those URL will start with %%https://www.zoompast.com/image/%%.

    If you intend to import to ƒh or other genealogy products, then that prefix should be removed from the GEDCOM with a global edit using a plain text editor to leave just the filename.

    Link: ZoomPast