Spreadsheet: Records of Research

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  • Eddie Thomas’ Records of Research Spreadsheet, for recording records searched. This is what Eddie says about it.

    My preferred method is to use Excel. I have created a Record of Research spreadsheet with the following headings:

    • Surname (at birth)
    • Christian Name(s)
    • FHID (Family Historian Identity)
    • Object of Search (e.g. locate entry in 1871 census)
    • Records Searched (e.g. transcripts of 1871 census)
    • Location of Records (e.g. Society of Genealogists)
    • Successful (Y/N)
    • Remarks (e.g. possible matches, neighbours who may be related, etc)
    • Date of Search


    I have two Excel workbooks for this purpose – maternal and paternal. Each workbook contains separate sheets for each letter of the alphabet. Thus entries for Jones are made under J, Smith under S, etc. If, for example, I am searching for John Smith in the 1871 Census, and I have to reference several different sources in different locations, then I enter each search as a separate entry.

    I have filters on the columns, which makes searching almost effortless.

    Also, after I make fresh entries, I sort by Surname, Christian Name(s), and FHID (using Data > Sort).

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    Link: Spreadsheet: Records of Research