Spreadsheet: Census and BMD Analysis

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  • This zip file contains a ƒh Query (Census and BMD analysis.fhq) and two Excel workbooks (.xlsm version for Excel 2007 and later, and .xls version for earlier versions of Excel).

    The Query runs against a Named List “Individuals for census and lifedate analysis” and produces a dataset for use in the spreadsheet. The results of the Query must be saved as a tab-delimited text file. You will be prompted to specify this file when you ask to “process the data” in the spreadsheet.

    The worksheet checks Census and BMD data for missing and possible erroneous entries, and uses colour-coding to highlight these.

    The worksheet does not work (yet) with Julian dates.


    Click on a thumbnail for the full size image.

    Instructions worksheet tab:

    Census worksheet tab:

    BMDs worksheet tab:

    Error Log worksheet tab (not shown) lists any Errors or Warnings detected within the spreadsheet.

    Import worksheet tab (not shown) lists the imported tab-delimited text file created from the query.

    Installation Instructions

    Click on the link below to download and save Census_and_BMD_Analysis_V2.zip, then unzip to extract the three files.

    Double click the FHQ file to import to Family Historian, and double click the XLSM or XLS file to open the Excel spreadsheet.

    Ensure that Macros are enabled.

    Produced by hsw (17/03/09)

    Link: Spreadsheet: Census and BMD Analysis