Spreadsheet: Birth Date Calculator V4

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  • Birth date calculator v4This spreadsheet automatically calculates a range of Birth dates based on the age recorded in any Census or at Marriage or Death.Sample screen shot

    This is a development of two earlier spreadsheets in order to deal properly with ages specified in months. It is also now possible to paste the calculated date range directly into the Birth Date field in ƒh.

    USA and Canada Censuses are also now included, as is the ability to enter Marriage and/or Death dates and ages. Explanatory text for possible copying and pasting to a Birth event local note is also now provided.

    I believe leap-years, etc. (e.g. some Canada Censuses recorded age at next birthday), are correctly handled, but please let me know of any problems.

    Produced by PeterR (22/03/10)

    Download Birth Date Calculator v4 here