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  • Predominantly a photo viewer and converter, IrfanView is a useful freeware tool to have installed on any Windows PC. If installed with its optional Plugins it can read almost every graphics, audio, and video file format known to man (and there are a lot).

    It also offers many graphic image editing features.

    To read PDF format it needs Ghostscript for Windows (32 bit) to be installed. (Do NOT install the 64-bit version as IrfanView will NOT detect it.)

    It can batch convert between formats, so enhanced (.DjVu) viewer images downloaded from can be converted to .png or .jpg format for use in Family Historian.

    With the Plugins it can merge multiple files into a single file such as a multi-page PDF document. See File > Thumbnails > File > Start Multipage-PDF dialog or Options > Multipage Images.

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is supported via the KADMOS Plugin. See Options > Start OCR.

    Visit for further details.

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    Link: IrfanView