GenProxy for Genealogists

  • Link type: Research Resources
  • GenProxy offers Internet Services for Genealogists, and the most useful pages include:

    • Web site Creation
    • Trades – old jobs, trades, occupations & professions with an explanation or indication of what the task entailed.
    • Medical – old archaic diseases, old medical terms and cause of death with the modern clinical names.
    • Latin – translator to help in family history research into Wills, Parish Records and Manorial Documents.
    • Relationships – to help show that awkward 2nd 3rd 4th Nth cousin relationship and how many times removed.
    • Regnal Dates – to convert Gregorian Calendar years, Kings & Queens, reign, time on Throne, etc.
    • Abbreviations – useful when trying to read and understand old documents, papers, registers, etc.
    Link: GenProxy for Genealogists