GEDCOM Standard Release 5.5 and 5.5.1

These are the current GEDCOM specifications in PDF and HTML, as implemented by ƒh, which focusses on compliance with Standard Release 5.5 (2 Jan 1996) but supports some parts of Standard Release 5.5.1 (15 Nov 2019) such as UTF-8 characters, the FILE tag in Media records, and MAP, LATI & LONG tags in Place records.

For related specifications see the Tamura Jones FamilySearch GEDCOM Specifications.

The Family History Information Standards Organisation (FHISO) is established to develop and recommend information standards for genealogy and family history purposes. Work continues on the Extended Legacy Format (ELF), which is a document model and file format they hope will be fully compatible with current uses of GEDCOM 5.5.1 but more readily extended.

The following documents can be viewed or downlaoded at

Document Format Source
GEDCOM Release 5.5 PDF (downloads automatically) FHUG Downloads
GEDCOM Release 5.5 HTML RootsWeb
About Gedcom Family Search
GEDCOM Release 5.5 PDF Family Search
GEDCOM Release 5.5.1 PDF Family Search
GEDCOM Documentation Chronoplex
GEDCOM Release 5.5 PDF Chronoplex
GEDCOM Release 5.5 Errata Sheet (not included with GEDCOM Release 5.5) PDF Chronoplex
GEDCOM Release 5.5.1 PDF Chronoplex
GEDCOM Specifications Tamura Jones
GEDCOM Release 5.5 PDF Tamura Jones
GEDCOM Release 5.5 Errata Sheet PDF Tamura Jones
GEDCOM Draft 5.5.1 PDF Tamura Jones


Link: GEDCOM Standard Release 5.5 and 5.5.1